A Diamond in the Dust

July 25th, 2017
A Diamond in the Dust

Inspired by our recent travels across Morocco, The Bahia Collection encapsulates the essence of this diverse country’s rich cultural heritage and unique architectural style created from a blend of African, Arab and Mediterranean influences.

This six piece collection draws on the use of Zellige, the traditional geometric mosaics that are synonymous with Moroccan architecture, and the wonderful examples of this beautiful decorative artform that we came across on our travels.


A vibrant colour palette of deep blues and cool shades of turquoise was inspired by our visit to Chefchaouen. This small town tucked away amongst the Rif Mountains in Northern Morocco, is famous for its distinctive blue-painted doors and walls of the medina or “old town” offering a striking contrast with the surrounding arid landscape.

The full collection is available to view in our showroom and on our webiste.