January 24th, 2023

Betty uses simple interlocking lines in a vibrant shade of turquoise to create a bold geometric pattern. Enhanced by the use of the finest worsted wool, the clean lines and pop of colour are juxtaposed by the soft texture of the contrasting white background in our luxurious blend of wool and silk.

Betty makes a stylish and refreshing addition to any room

Worsted wool is the highest grade of wool available when commissioning a custom made rug. The fine yarn gives an almost velvet like finish, and though it is more delicate in comparison to our other grades of wool, it still maintains all the properties and benefits of wool.BETTY_Go Bold Collection_By Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs

Equally as indulgent, our wool and silk blend combines the lustre and softness of silk with the durability of wool. The sumptuous sheen of this unique blend adds rich dimension offering the ultimate in luxury. A subtle change in pile height and these changes in material add texture a depth to this simple yet striking design. Betty makes a stylish and refreshing addition to any room.

Betty is custom made to order and available in any size, any shape and any colour. The scale of the design and line thickness can be adjusted to suit your specification.

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