September 28th, 2021

Combining our love for graphic geometric patterns and vibrant jewel tones, Jade features a simple geometric pattern in a fresh verdant colour palette. “Geometric patterns have long been a favourite at Loomah for their simple yet effective ways of employing visual interest into a space,” says Andrew Cotgrove, Founder and Managing Director of Loomah.

“The fine yarn gives an almost velvet like finish that feels wonderfully indulgent when walked upon”

Jade is handmade using our most luxurious wool quality, worsted wool. Worsted wool is the highest grade of wool available when commissioning a custom made rug, offering the ultimate in elegance and luxury. “The fine yarn gives an almost velvet like finish that feels wonderfully indulgent when walked upon,” adds Andrew, “and though it is more delicate in comparison to our other grades of wool, it still maintains all the properties and benefits of wool.”


The simplicity of this graphic geometric design gives it a versatility that would work with both modern and traditional interiors. The definite finish of this finely spun yarn enhances the clean lines of the bold pattern whilst the graduation of more invigorating emerald tones through to more muted shades adds a sense of calm to this otherwise dazzling design.

Use Jade as statement rug against a more neutral interior or incorporate other jewel tones to create a rich, inviting space.

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