November 13th, 2023

Introducing the Atlas Collection. Based on traditional Berber designs, our Atlas Collection boasts unique geometric designs in the characteristic monochrome colour palette.

With timeless patterns and a deep and thick wool pile that feels wonderfully soft underfoot, Berber style rugs have become synonymous with the modern interiors.

Traditional Berber rugs are handwoven exclusively by the women of the Berber tribes that reside in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. The Berber tribes, from which the rugs get their names, are renowned for their craftsmanship with traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations.  Made with the finest wool from sheep that live exclusively in the northern Atlas Mountains, Berber rugs are notable for their natural white and ivory colour and distinctive geometric patterns.

ALIA_ATLAS COLLECTION_Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs (LR)

The natural shades of Berber rugs blend effortlessly with almost any interior design scheme, making them a popular and versatile choice.  But whilst Berber style rugs are readily available, few offer this style of rug in bespoke designs and sizes.

Hand tufted in the UK from the finest New Zealand wool

Loomah’s Atlas Collection has been curated by our in-house design team to showcase our design capabilities.  Abstract lines, symmetry and distinctive diamond patterns all feature in this timeless collection. Hand tufted from a unique mix of pure New Zealand wool and worsted wool in a cut pile finish. The deep, luxurious pile not only delivers a wonderful softness you can really sink your feet into but adds movement to the design resulting in a more organic, artisan appearance.

ATLAS COLLECTION_By Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs

As with all Loomah’s handmade carpets and rugs, our Atlas Collection is custom made to order.  Hand tufted in the UK from the finest New Zealand wool, our Berber style rugs can be customised to your exact size, design and colour. Whether you are looking for a more traditional Berber style or want to introduce some colour, our bespoke design service is available, with our team on hand to guide you through the design process.

Our Berber style rugs are all handmade in the UK.

For more information on Loomah’s custom design service please contact us.