January 19th, 2023

Located in the exclusive London suburb of Hampstead, Samantha Bartlett’s latest project exudes style and comfort. The sprawling 24,000 sq. ft family home features six bedrooms, a games room, cinema, basement gym and luxurious home spa complete with an indoor swimming pool.

“Having worked with Samantha for many years, we were excited to hear she had set up her own interior design and architecture studio,” says Andrew Cotgrove, Founder and Managing Director at Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs. Samantha approached Loomah to supply a custom rug for the drawing room of this expansive property. This grown-up space was set to provide a haven away from the chaos of family life.

“Drawing inspiration from the clients gardens, we wanted to form a quintessentially English drawing room,” says Samantha Bartlett, Founder and Creative Director of Samantha Bartlett Interiors. “A space for mum, dad and friends, and ultimately a sanctuary from the outside world.”

Samantha selected Arid, an original abstract design from our portfolio. Whilst Loomah’s expertise lies with our bespoke design service, we have an extensive portfolio of existing designs available for customisation,” explains Andrew. All Loomah’s hand tufted carpets and rugs are custom made to order and can be tailored to your exact specifications.

Arid is inspired by the beauty found in the grip of drought

The advantage of choosing a custom made rug is you can specify the size and shape required for your space and are not restricted to standard sizes. “All our carpets and rugs are made to the exact size and shape required, with no unsightly joins,” adds Andrew.

Choosing the right size rug will make a considerable difference to the look and feel of a space. “We first start with the spatial layout and the clients brief and then develop a room that will ultimately work for the end user,” adds Samantha. “The bespoke size of this rug really helps create a zone for the seating arrangement whilst accommodating all the sofas.”

“The finished drawing room rug was over six by five meters which wasn’t an issue for the highly skilled artisans at our factory,” adds Andrew. “The only consideration when working with a hand tufted rug of this size is to ensure there are enough people to handle and position it in-situ as they are undoubtedly heavy.”

ARID_Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs_Interior Design by Samantha Bartlett_Photogrpahy by Ryan Wicks (2)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photography by Ryan Wicks

“The scheme for the Drawing Room was built on a neutral colour palette, complete with art, antiques and accessories to help bring balance of both comfort of style”, says Samantha.

For the rug design Samantha chose Arid from our portfolio. An original design created by our in-house design team, Arid is inspired by the beauty found in the grip of drought. “Arid captures the form of the earth, left behind by water scarcity,” says Antonina Depczynski, Designer at Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs. “When viewed from above, arid land becomes a visual texture perfectly translatable into a hand tufted rug design.”

Hand tufted in Tencel, Arid utilises a combination of high cut and low loop piles to mimic the texture of the landscape that inspired the design. Equally as tactile, when tufted in a high and low cut pile quality, the use of a single colour results in a subtle pattern.  “The textures and tones of the rug really interested me and the client, adds Samantha, “we didn’t want anything too bold, but something that presented interest.”

Tencel feels wonderfully soft underfoot making ideal for spaces where you can relax your feet in to it

Acclaimed for its lustre and softness, Tencel is fast becoming one of the more popular choices for custom made carpets and rugs in part because of its environmentally friendly properties. Tencel offers a wonderful alternative to silk. It has a beautiful lustre to rival silk but with increased durability making it incredibly versatile. Tencel feels wonderfully soft underfoot making ideal for spaces where you can relax your feet in to it and appreciate the comfort it provides.

The soft, muted colour chosen for this handmade rug is neutral but remains warm, creating the perfect foundation for this sophisticated space. “The colour worked with the scheme we developed, and the material is ideal for this home. It’s luxurious, yet comfortable and forgiving,” adds Samantha.

The finished drawing room combines layers of texture, neutral tones and tactile materials to create a sense of calm and serenity, fulfilled the clients brief. “For me the best and most repeated complement is how we made such a large-scale property feel like a home,” says Samantha.


With over 50 years’ experience Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs are at the forefront of the design and supply of traditional and contemporary luxury bespoke carpets and rugs. Whether for a residential interior, commercial project or private yacht, Loomah can supply handmade fitted carpets and loose laid rugs in any size, any shape and any colour. All our carpets are custom made to exact room sizes and shapes, in one piece, avoiding unsightly joins. At our showroom, located in the heart of London’s Chelsea Design Quarter on the Kings Road, we have an eclectic portfolio of both modern and traditional designs available to view. Our dedicated in-house design team are on hand to develop your chosen design or work with you create something completely unique.


Samantha Bartlett Interiors is a London based Interior Design studio, which specialises in the high-end residential sector for private individuals and property developers. Samantha and her team are highly experienced and provide a complete service to take a project from concept to completion. Whether the scope is a full renovation or simply to add some finishing touches, we are here to provide a warm welcoming hand to your project.

For more information on Loomah’s custom design service please contact us.