Regular cleaning and maintenance is imperative in order to care for and prolong the life of your bespoke carpet or rug.

A new carpet or rug can shed excess fibres. This fluffing is not a manufacturing fault and will gradually disappear over time. We recommend regular vacuuming with an upright vacuum cleaner.

Sprouting tufts are a natural occurrence in hand tufted and machine tufted carpets. If you find any sprouting tufts do not pull these out as you may damage the carpet. Carefully cut any protruding tufts with sharp scissors.

Over time heavy furniture can crush the pile of the carpet causing indentations. Crushing can be reduced by occasionally re-arranging heavy furniture so that the weight is not concentrated in one place

There are many products on the market advertised for carpet cleaning, many of which contain harmful chemicals that may cause irreversible damage to the colour and quality of your carpet. We do not recommend the use of such products.

If you do accidently spill then speed is of the essence. Blot liquid spills with paper towel or a clean absorbent cloth. Do not rub or scrub as this will damage the pile. Carefully scoop up any solids with a spoon or the end of a knife. If the area is not stained then dry it with a hair dryer and restore the direction of the pile with a clothes brush. If the area has borne a stain then do not attempt to treat it yourself. Contact a specialist carpet cleaner.

If you ever have any questions regarding the care and maintenance of your carpet or rug do not hesitate to call our showroom for advice on 0207 371 9955.