June 24th, 2022

With over 30 years of experience, Loomah are at the forefront of the design and supply of traditional and contemporary luxury bespoke carpets and rugs.

Loomah have such a diverse range of products and designs available and with endless possibilities in colour, material and texture, we understand the process of commissioning a custom made carpet or rug can be overwhelming. In a series of blog posts, we will explore the myriad of materials and techniques available and their unique properties to help you create a bespoke carpet or rug that is truly unique to you.

In today’s post we are discussing silk. Loomah use only the finest and most luxurious yarns in the manufacture of our custom made carpets and rugs and our hand tufted silk carpets and silk rugs offer the ultimate in elegance and quality. The natural sheen and rich lustre of our silk is unparalleled.

Dining Room_Hampstead_Interior Design By Schiller Beynon_Photography By Jody Stewart_03

“Displaying the most luxurious sheen and sumptuous texture, this fibre has a magical effect when used to craft rugs or applied as a decorative accent,” says Antonina Depczynski, design at Loomah.

At Loomah we offer two types of silk, soft fine silk and twisted silk. Soft fine silk, also known as wild silk, tends to be harvested after the moths have left the cocoons. This means cocoons have been separated into multiple pieces. These shorter fibres are then spun.  Twisted silk is a filament yarn. Often referred to as mulberry silk, the cocoons are harvested earlier so that they can be unravelled into long single strands of silk which are then twisted together. The result is a finer, smoother yarn that offers the ultimate in luxury.

BESPOKE LIVING ROOM RUG_Interior Design by Schiller Beynon_Photography by Jody Stewart
Renowned for being the highest quality, all our silk is sourced from Thailand where silkworm breeding is a tradition, passed through generations for hundreds of years.

Silk has many advantages beyond its innate lustre and softness. Silk is hypoallergenic. The natural fibre hinders dust and dirt accumulation as well as preventing dust mites. And despite its delicate appearance, silk is surprisingly durable. However, as with all our hand tufted carpets and rugs the right care and cleaning is imperative in prolonging the life of you silk carpet. There are many products on the market advertised for carpet cleaning, many of which contain harmful chemicals that may cause irreversible damage to the colour and quality of your hand tufted carpet. We do not recommend the use of such products and would always recommend calling a specialist.

OSTOZHENKA PENTHOUSE_Interior Design By Yekaterina Fedochenko

To increase the longevity of your silk carpet or rug, it is best suited to low traffic areas. It is a popular choice for master bedroom suites, where you can really enjoy that soft, sumptuous feeling between your toes.

Whilst silk carpets and silk rugs are definitive of luxury, incorporating changes in material and varying textures and pile heights can further enhance the overall finish of your silk carpet or rug. “Juxtaposing a silk design against a contrasting matte wool background can really emphasise the natural lustre of the silk,” adds Antonina.

Sitting Room_Interior Design By Schiller Beynon_Photography By Jody Stewart_01

To complement our silk carpets and silk rugs we also offer a beautiful wool and silk blended yarn which combines the luxury of silk carpet with the durability of wool. Alternatively, for more budget sensitive projects, bamboo has a beautiful lustre to rival silk.

For more information on commissioning a bespoke carpet or rug or to discuss a project please contact us.