November 15th, 2022

With over 30 years of experience, Loomah are at the forefront of the design and supply of traditional and contemporary luxury bespoke carpets and rugs.

Loomah have such a diverse range of products and designs available and with endless possibilities in colour, material and texture, we understand the process of commissioning a custom made carpet or rug can be overwhelming. In a series of blog posts, we will explore the myriad of materials and techniques available and their unique properties to help you create a bespoke carpet or rug that is truly unique to you.

Tencel is the best performing cellulose fibre used in the manufacture of carpets and rugs

In todays post we are discussing the premium plant based fibre, Tencel. Acclaimed for its lustre and softness, Tencel is fast becoming a popular choice for custom made carpets and rugs in part because of its environmentally friendly properties.

LIVING ROOM_BELVEDERE PENTHOUSE_Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs_Interior Design By Goddard Littlefair_Photography By Mel Yates

Tencel is the best performing cellulose fibre used in the manufacture of carpets and rugs. Not only is the method of production more sustainable and eco-friendlier than viscose but the fibre itself is sustainable and biodegradable.

Tencel is a branded lyocell fibre made from wood pulp sourced exclusively from sustainably grown forests. Winner of the European Award for the Environment, Tencel is manufactured using a revolutionary process whereby 99% of solvents used in production are recycled.

ECLIPSE_The Frida Collection_Celine Interior Design By Loomah

The production of plant based fibres such as viscose and lyocell is a complex process, but whereas viscose uses sodium hydroxide to extract the cellulose from the wood, Tencel uses a non-toxic organic compound NMMO. During Viscose’s harsh production process the chemicals used are released as gases, but Tencel’s ground breaking production method uses a closed loop system where the gases are recovered, converted and returned to the production process to be used as raw materials resulting in very low emissions and low ecological impact.

More resilient than viscose and easier to clean, Tencel also has natural anti-bacterial properties and is mould resistant. It can assist the management of indoor moisture, harbouring bacteria to create a healthier living environment.  It is also innately moth resistant. As it is made from cellulose and not protein that they eat. This also means there is no need to use any chemical based moth treatments to protect your carpet or rug.

LIVING ROOM_BELVEDERE PENTHOUSE_Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs_Interior Design By Goddard Littlefair, Photography By Julian Abrams (2)
“Tencel is a lovely material to work with,” says Abigale Avery, Designer at Loomah Bespoke Carpet and Rugs, “Its versatility means there are few design limitations however it lends itself best to more modern designs. It has a beautiful fluidity so is well suited to abstract designs but works equally as well with classic geometrics and animal prints.” Available in both a smooth cut pile and loop pile finishes, Tencel works well when the two are combined. This variation in texture adds interest and depth to tone on tone designs such as this custom made rug commissioned by Goddard Littlefair for this stunning penthouse. “For this bespoke rug we simplified the iconic croc print, creating a sophisticated interpretation of the pattern,” adds Abigale. “The use of a single colourway is elevated by the contrast in texture between the smooth cut and loop pile finishes.”

MASTER BEDROOM_BELVEDERE PENTHOUSE_Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs_Interior Design By Goddard Littlefair_Photography By Mel Yates

As the cost of raw materials continues to increase, Tencel offers a wonderful alternative to silk. t has a beautiful lustre to rival silk but with increased durability. “Silk is the ultimate in luxury”, adds Andrews, “but it’s delicate nature can limit its use.” The durability of Tencel makes it an extremely versatile and suitable for use in endless spaces whether including but not limited to living rooms, dining rooms and bedroom suits. Loomah highly recommend Tencel in spaces such as the master bedroom where one can appreciate the wonderful softness underfoot. It’s anti-bacterial properties also make it an ideal choice for children’s spaces such as family rooms, bedrooms and playrooms.

For more information on commissioning a bespoke carpet or rug or to discuss a project please contact us.