August 19th, 2020

Loomah are at the forefront of the design and supply of traditional and contemporary luxury bespoke carpets and rugs.  We specialise in carpets for marine vessels and have designed and supplied luxury hand tufted carpets for some of the world’s most exquisite ships.

“The beauty of our hand tufted carpets is that they are custom made to order and are made to exact room shapes and sizes with no joins” says Andrew Cotgrove, managing director and co-founder of Loomah.  “This makes hand tufted carpets ideal for use on yachts, superyachts and cruise ships where the areas requiring carpet are often irregular shapes, to accommodate built-in furniture.”

Loomah have been privileged to work alongside interior designers and boatyards across the world to design and supply carpets for a variety of marine vessels.

It was the ultimate acclamation when we were recommended to world renowned interior design studio, Jean-Philippe Nuel, whom we worked with to develop and create bespoke carpets for French luxury cruise operator, Ponant, on their newest collection of expedition cruise ships. “Loomah’s strength has always been our design integrity and originality, with our focus on creating bespoke designs tailored to our client’s individual specifications” adds Andrew.

“Loomah’s strength has always been our design integrity and originality”

The fleet of six state-of-the-art vessels embody Ponant’s signature approach of creating a unique cruising experience that combines access to legendary ports and secret harbours only accessible to small ships, with a comfort, elegance and feeling of privacy, as if you were sailing on your own private yacht.

Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel looked to the destinations and cultures explored by Ponant’s luxury cruises as inspiration for their interior design. Natural materials and handcrafted elements are combined with subtle ethnic touches. “I decided to imbue a less formal ethnic-inspired design that combines luxury and nature”, says Jean-Philippe Nuel.

LE CHAMPLAINE_PONANT_By Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs_Inteior Design Studio Jean Philippe Nuel (2)

Loomah were commissioned to design and manufacture a hand tufted carpet for the reception area of each new vessel in Ponant’s innovative Explorer series. Whilst the overall inspiration followed the same theme, each ship featured an original carpet design, reflecting their unique character and interior fit-out.

“It is Ponant’s exploration of diverse places and cultures that makes the inspiration for these bespoke carpets quite unique” says Antonina Depczynski, designer at Loomah. “Studio Jean-Phillipe Nuel wanted to take advantage of these experiences and to incorporate them into the overall aesthetic for each vessel. The starting design theme was a reflection of the yachts surroundings, including water, but also took inspiration from Aztec textiles.”

“It is Ponant’s exploration of diverse places and cultures that makes the inspiration for these rugs quite unique”

Winner of the AHEAD Europe Award for Interior Design in the Transport Category 2019, Le Champlain, named after the French explorer Samuel de Champlain, is the second ship in Ponant’s Explorer series.

The initial design brief for Le Champlain’s reception carpet was inspired by Aztec motifs and the patterns created from the movement of water.  Our designer worked with Jean-Phillipe Nuel’s inspiration to generate the first proposed design, utilising Loomah’s expertise to get the proportions and scale just right.   “Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel were keen to avoid uniformity in the overall design” says Antonina, ”so to create an organic feel within the design, I hand-painted the motifs and background pattern on paper, scanned them into the computer and using CAD, continued to play around with their placement and direction until the first concept was realised.”


A lot of time was spent going back and forward with the studio to develop the layout of the design and the finer details, in a conscientious effort to bring their ideas to life.  Once the design of the carpet was agreed, we collectively looked at our tuft box to find colours that complimented the interior scheme and Loomah provided guidance for Studio Jean-Phillipe Nuel to select the final hues and colour combinations.


Once finalised, the bespoke carpet was hand tufted by highly skilled craftsman at our Thailand factory in pure New Zealand wool. Our New Zealand wool is certified by the IMO-International Code for Application of Fire Test Procedure, 2010, meaning it is suitable for use on all marine vessels.  As well as conforming to fire safety standards, New Zealand wool also offers increased durability without compromising on luxury, so is ideal for handmade carpets installed on luxury cruise ships, yachts and superyachts.

The finished carpet design for Le Champlain was a more contemporary and graphic interpretation of the original brief in a colour palette of green and blue water tones. The Aztec-influence is still present, but this more subtle interpretation complements the organic shapes of the surrounding fixtures and fittings.

The overall look remains contemporary with the use of natural materials and organic finishes adding texture and warmth. The result is and inviting space that is both luxurious and comfortable and successfully embodies Ponant’s hallmark of creating a subtle alliance between luxury, intimacy and wellbeing.


With over 30 years’ experience Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs are at the forefront of the design and supply of traditional and contemporary luxury bespoke carpets and rugs. Whether for a residential interior, commercial project, or private yacht, Loomah can supply handmade fitted carpets and loose laid rugs in any size, any shape and any colour. All our carpets are custom made to exact room sizes and shapes, in one piece, avoiding unsightly joins. At our showroom, located in the heart of London’s Chelsea Design Quarter on the Kings Road, we have an eclectic portfolio of both modern and traditional designs available to view. Our dedicated in-house design team are on hand to develop your chosen design or work with you create something completely unique.


Passionate about creativity, and with a desire to work on projects of all scales, from architecture to design, Jean-Philippe Nuel sees each project as a human adventure, rich in encounters and exchange.

In today’s hotel business, Jean-Philippe Nuel is a name associated with luxury interior design.  The Jean-Philippe Nuel practice, a team of some 30 professionals, also applies its expertise to projects for private houses, concept stores, company headquarters and cruise ships


Founded in 1988 by former French Merchant Navy officers, Ponant Cruises combine a luxurious onboard experience with authentic adventures in many of the world’s most captivating destinations.

The global leader in luxury expeditions and the only French-flag cruise line, is a reference for a new style of high-end cruises, a unique concept for sea travel that combines exceptional itineraries with 5* amenities on small capacity luxury ship.

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